Large formats processed reliably

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Processes reliably all formats from postcard all the way to magazine

The Quattro inserting system offers dependable processing performance for all formats from DIN C6 to DIN B4 – from postcard to brochure or magazine.

  • Ideal for high print volumes with large-format documents (large number of sheets per envelope) e.g. insurance policies, financial documents, detailed telephone bills, etc.
  • Processes all formats reliably, from postcard all the way to magazine (C6 to B4)
  • Performance of up to 5,000 envelopes/hour for DL and 4,000 envelopes/hour for C4
  • Main focus: with average of 40 sheets (1-80)/envelope, gross capacity of up to 450,000 C4 documents per shift (7 hours)
  • High packing thickness: up to 100 sheets (C4, 80 g) filling thickness and 9 mm enclosure thickness
  • Multi-channel capability (> 2) with patented autosynchronization
  • Connection of various input channels for optimum flexibility (automatic
  • Job changeover function via BIPS in theinput channels)
  • wide range of processing modules for e.g. stapling, riveting, turning or rotating
  • All components perfectly visible and easily accessible