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Atlantic Zeiser PersoMail

Dette er en meget god kortmaskin for små og mellomstore volum

Kontakt oss for pristilbud

... Den printer automatisk personalisert ark, påfører korrekt kort med matching og pakker det i konvolutt. Hastigheten er opptil 3.000 pr time, trygt og driftssikkert!


  • Card FeedingPERSOMAIL can be equipped with up to four input feeders, each holding up to 400 cards, for a total of 1,600 cards. All feeders can handle the same job in sequence with minimal operator intervention, or different feeders can be assigned to specific jobs in short-run situations.
  • Card ReadingEnables 1- and 2-D barcode reading and OCR reading on front and back side, reading of magnetic stripes, and reading of contact and contactless chips.
  • Carrier Print PreparationA Microsoft Word-based carrier printing process is used. Fixed text elements and individual personalized data and graphics can be combined for every document. An integrated barcode engine enables inline barcode generation for carrier-to-card matching. Variable data can be supplied in various database formats.
  • Card ChannelApplies a double-sided adhesive label for card affixing to the carrier. A card buffer ensures smooth job throughput and synchronized printing.
  • Carrier ChannelSynchronized to the cards, carriers are printed and personalized, and fed into the system. Monochrome and color printers are available. Alternatively, a cut-sheet feeder is available to process pre-printed personalized carriers.
  • Card AttachingAllows selective attaching of up to four cards per carrier. A barcode reader is used to verify proper matching before card attaching.
  • Folding and InsertingEnables carrier folding using all conventional types of folds, inserting additional enclosures and enveloping.
  • Weighing and Barcode VerificationAfter closing the envelope, the address can be read once more and the mail piece can be weighed. This information, in combination with process control of the card attachment, guarantees the highest level of integrity.

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