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CardCube fra Bowe

Dette er den beste kortmaskinen for mellomstore og store volum.

Den printer automatisk personalisert ark, påfører korrekt kort med matching og pakker det i konvolutt. Hastigheten er opptil 4.000 pr time, med det høyeste sikkerhetsnivået som finnes!

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BÖWE SYSTEC card mailing systems are well-known for their indisputable reliability when it comes to processing personalized plastic cards. With the new card mailing system Cardcube, another innovative product has been added to the current portfolio. With a performance of up to 4,000 cards per hour, Cardcube is ideally suited for medium-sized production volumes. This compact system offers innovative and smart solutions to face existing and new challenges in card processing on the smallest possible footprint. Cardcube utilizes a newly designed folding unit that prevents imprints of an embossed card appearing on the document and comes with a special feature: A robot attaches up to four plastic cards in any orientation – thus providing new levels of flexibility in card application. Cardcube shares the same 100 percent integrity throughout its processes as the established card mailing system Pace.


Flexible solutions for individual needs

Processing up to 4,000 cards per hour, Cardcube is the ideal system for medium sized production volumes. Its modular design allows for customized solutions to meet individual requirements in card mailing – from basic to the most complex applications, with 100 percent integrity.


Advanced attaching technique for increased productivity

Cardcube’s attaching station reliably attaches up to 4,000 cards per hour to the card carrier using a new, patend-pending technique: A robot automatically and securely attaches up to four plastic cards to the corresponding document. Cards can be placed freely on the carrier while positions may vary from document to document. The robot can do even more: In case of a missing carrier document, all the corresponding cards are put into parking positions until the reprint has been completed. Diverted documents are automatically rejected and destroyed without interrupting the production process. The manual intervention usually involved with diverted cards, is now eliminated.


New flap folding unit protects carrier and card

The new flap folding unit enables several folding geometries with an unprecedented level of quality: As the folding unit’s “hammer” operates only in the area of the fold and does not affect the entire document, the embossed cards leave no imprint on the carrier document. The actual folding process is performed while the carrier is brought to a halt, so that the inertia of the attached cards has no impact on the folding accuracy – regardless of whether none, one or up to four cards are attached to the document.


Card channel and attaching station - Cardcube’s technology center

Card channel and attaching station comprise Cardcube’s technology center. The card channel can be linked to the system from two sides as needed while at the same time optimizing the workspace for the operator. Ten or 16 stations can be freely configured with feeder magazines, various readers, turning units, restacking magazines, card buffers, mass storage units and labelling modules. The attaching station’s robot reliably mounts up to 4,000 cards per hour onto the corresponding documents.


Integrity and productivity in the entire process

Cardcube runs absolutely securely and reliably. With Cardcube, the manual interventions involved with card processing are a thing of the past. This card mailing system automatically handles all production steps from printing or reprinting the carrier documents, to job preparation and inserting – thus enabling the “White Paper Factory” solution for card mailing. The need for error-prone, manual interventions due to diverted cards which lead to a costly and time-consuming reprinting process, is eliminated. Cardcube raises integrity and economic efficiency to a new level.

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